GOV.UK Verify puts small files (known as 'cookies') onto your computer.

These cookies are used to:

  • help us understand how you use the website, so we can make improvements
  • remember what notifications you’ve seen so that you’re not shown them more than once
  • temporarily store the selections you make

GOV.UK Verify cookies aren't used to identify you personally.

Find out more about how to manage cookies.

Session cookies

We store session cookies on your computer to help keep your information secure while you use the service.

Name Purpose Expires
x_govuk_session_cookie This cookie contains randomly generated characters so we can identify you during your visit When you close your browser window
_verify-frontend_session When you’re trying to use a government service on GOV.UK, this cookie helps makes sure that no other user can log in with your information. It’s also used to hold information regarding your session, including when you started your session, which government service you’re using, your answers to filter questions, and which certified company you select so that we can present information relevant to your choices. This information is secured so that only GOV.UK Verify can read it When you close your browser window
verify-front-journey-hint This identifies the certified company last used to access a government service with this browser on this device. It can also identify the government service you were using. We use this cookie to make it easier for you to sign in again. 18 months
verify-single-idp-journey This cookie tells us that you have been referred directly from an identity provider. It tells us which provider has referred you, and passes a unique identifier back to that provider. 90 minutes
x_verify_locale This identifies if you’re using the English or Welsh version of GOV.UK Verify. We use this to show you the site in your chosen language When you close your browser window
ab_test This lets us know your visit is part of a test to help us improve GOV.UK Verify 1 week

Analytics cookies

We use Piwik to collect information about how you use the website. This information helps us to improve the service.

The analytics cookies collect and store information about:

  • the pages you visit
  • how you got to GOV.UK Verify
  • what you click on while using the website

Piwik isn’t allowed to use or share our analytics data with anyone, but you can opt out of analytics cookies.

Name Purpose Expires
_pk_id This helps us identify how you use GOV.UK Verify so we can make the site better 2 years
_pk_ses This works with _pk_id to count the number of times you visit the website 90 minutes
_pk_ref This provides information about how you reached the site 6 months
PIWIK_USER_ID This provides information about your visit for our analytics, which allows us to improve the service When you close your browser window

Introductory message cookies

When you first use GOV.UK Verify, you may see a pop-up ‘welcome’ message. Once you’ve seen the message, we store a cookie on your computer so it knows not to show it again.

Name Purpose Expires
seen_cookie_message Saves a message to let us know that you have seen our cookie message 1 month